Doughnuts Are Forever.

We're so pleased and relieved to be making doughnuts for you again, even if our operation is a little restricted these days. Please read the following before making your order, then scroll down to see what's available.


Each week, we're opening online orders on Monday for six-packs to be scheduled for pickup from Wednesday to Sunday at 1721 St Laurent Boulevard. Orders remain open until one day before each pickup date, but may sell out sooner.


We are presently able to offer trunk pick-up only. No same day orders. No walk-ins. Everything we can make is pre-sold.


You'll select a date and pickup time for your order when you check out - for everyone's safety, you can only receive your order during the window you select! Don't forget to enter your license plate, it's a required detail for pickup.


We are developing this order process from week to week, and we value your feedback to make the experience the best it can be. If anything is unclear when you're making your order please write us at!