June 4th is Doughnut Day

For us, every day is doughnut day. And for you, any day can be doughnut day! But for many people, National Doughnut Day has been observed on the first Friday of every June since 1938. And we honour that!

Last year, it was the occasion we chose for opening our new headquarters in St Laurent! This year, we're hoping to help you beat the epic lines

We have a limited number of six packs with a set selection that can be ordered in advance for pickup from each location. That way people who don't mind so much about getting something very specific can be in and out more quickly, and those who do want to select their selection will have shorter lines to wait in!

You can order below for June 4th, 2021 - to make an order of any size for any other day, please visit https://stlaurent.suzyq.ca

To send a digital gift card, visit this link.